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Meet Our Team



Pastor George Alexander is the founding pastor of Fremont Grace Church.

Through his ability to lead others to Christ and teach the truth of God's Word with clarity and conviction, his pastoral leadership is noted as a blessing to those who have had the privilege to receive ministry from him.


George Alexander was raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ as his Savior during his senior year of high school. He took leadership roles in various ministries in Kerala, India; Doha, Qatar; and Dubai, UAE. While in Doha, he suffered persecution for practicing Christianity and was thrown in jail for his faith. 


In August 1996,  God called him into ministry while he was working as a Chief Accountant in Dubai, UAE.  In obedience to his divine call and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, he moved to California, USA in 2002 to study God’s word.  

In 2008, he finished his Master’s in Bible & Theology from the Talbot School of  Theology at Biola University in California, USA. During his Seminary years, he was a part-time staff member of the Foursquare Full Gospel Church in Anaheim, CA, USA.  


In December 2008, George Alexander was led by the Holy Spirit to accept a full-time position as the pastor of Hebron Christian Church in San Jose, CA. He ministered faithfully in this position until June 2012, when he received a clear calling from the Lord to diversify his ministry. He received a clear vision, in which God spoke to him and told him that he would catch “fish of many colors.”


In July 2012, God clearly directed Pastor George Alexander to start a  diverse church in the city of Fremont, California. The church that God directed him to start was a multicultural church focused on bringing people of all different backgrounds to the saving grace of Christ.  In 2014, God opened the doors to starting a Sister Church in Sacramento, CA with the same multicultural vision, and thus Sacramento Grace Church was born. God faithfully brought many people to both churches and the congregations are growing steadily by His plan and design. 


George Alexander has been married to his faithful wife, Sally, since 1990.  God blessed them with four children, Steven and his wife- Christal, Aquilas, Priscilla, & Persi.  His family has an active part in his ministry, sharing his passion for the Kingdom of God.


Nita Joseph



Prince Abraham



Jeshuran Paul

Worship Leader

Jen's Picture.jpg

Jennifer Paul

GraceKids Coordinator


Swetha George

Grace Sisterhood Coordinator


Joseph Thomas

Grace Brotherhood Coordinator


Suraj Issac

Intercessory Prayer Coordinator


Nijith Jacob

Social Media Coordinator

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