We truly believe that children are the future of God’s Kingdom. We value and cherish each child that walks through our doors, and believe that each of them already has a unique relationship with God. We plant the seed of God’s Word in young hearts through music, art, dance, drama, reading, writing, and memorization of Scripture. We believe that kids learn in all ways, and we strive to meet each child’s needs through creative and dynamic teaching.

Ages 2 - 12

Ages 13 - 18

 Teens are encouraged to participate in church by attending Worship, volunteering on the worship team, the audio/visual team, and in other ministries. We believe that serving God is best learned at a young age. During the last half of the service, teens meet with their mentor, who will teach them the application of Scripture to life through age-appropriate, dynamic, and creative teachings.

Drop off your kids in classroom 224. We start with games, then go to the Sanctuary to our specially reserved seats so we can take part in Worship. Next, we take center stage and sing songs we learned in class and recite Memory Verses for the whole congregation. Then we head back to class to share Prayer Requests and Praise Reports, and afterward, we rock out, and dance to awesome kids worship! Then we divide into Toddlers & Elementary classes and learn Bible Stories through age-appropriate activities. When service is done, you can come and pick up your child and hear about all the fun they had in GraceKids!


 4130 Technology Pl, Room 229,

 Fremont, CA 94538

(714) 609-7077


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