FGC - Blog:  July 2014               


The BestLeaders are developed out of Imperfections & Struggles


I have to disagree with the statement that leadership means having it all together. The greatest trick for leaders is to think they cannot show any signs of personal weakness. Their marriage must be perfect, their kids must be perfect, and their finances must be perfect, and so on. Leadership means you are being perfected in your journey of becoming a better leader. It means to live your life as an example while showing both your weaknesses(Exo. 4:10) and strengths (Exo.14:13-14).

Leadership is developed in the struggle. A leader’s strength is developed in the struggle. The struggles in the life of a leader are positive learning. Essentially, a leader must view struggles as an opportunity instead of an obstacle. (Acts 20:24).

Are you a leader or in the process of developing into a leader, you cannot have it perfect and altogether. A diamond should remain under chisel to become beautiful. Gold remain under fire to become pure. A leader should remain under loving hands of God to be productive and fruitful.  

FGC - Blog:  June 2014                            

Do not let fear take over You!

Everyone is living or working in fear.  Fear is one of the most devastating emotions on earth.  No one ever claimed that he or she fought it and conquered it.  I believe that anyone can conquer fear by trusting in God for things he/she fears to do. There is hardly any man who is not afraid of something or someone.  Dr. Harold Urey, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and one of physicians whose work led to the creation of the atomic bomb, wrote, “I write to make you afraid. I, myself, am a man who is afraid.  All the wise men I know are afraid.”  Jesus said to the men who came from the house Jairus, the Synagogue Ruler, whose daughter was dead, “Don’t be afraid, just believe. (Mark 5:36)”  You may be going through a life and death situation, don’t be afraid just believe in Jesus and He will do the best for you

FGC - Blog:  May 2014                   

Missed Opportunity!

Blessings may come and go, Miracles may come and go, Opportunities may come and go these are true realities in our lives... But how we will make the most of every opportunity is our choice. To look for opportunities is one thing and be given an opportunity is another.  But to act on the opportunity is all that really matters.  A godly person has a strategy for life and does not miss opportunities to live for God in every circumstance.  When was the last time you missed golden opportunities? And later you wished you shouldn’t miss that opportunity. No regret. Your best opportunities are not over, but yet to come.  God’s Word says in Ephesians 5:16, “Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days. (NLT)”

FGC - Blog:  April 2014                        

 Thankful Heart! 

Have you ever paused to think about how thankful you are? When good things happen,  it is easy to be grateful but when bad things happen, it is a challenge. God’s word says in Job 2:10, “Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?  It is well to say that Christians should be as happy and thankful as they can be. However, bad circumstances can make pursuing a grateful heart very difficult, but God loves to see a grateful heart through bad times.  So when life throws you a big wave try to overcome that situation first thanking God.  The Scripture shows us how to be thankful in the midst of trials. It is something Apostle Paul calls being “sorrowful, yet always rejoicing (2 Corinthians 6:10). So, when life throws you a big wave, try to overcome that problem by first thanking God for all the good in your life

FGC - Blog:  March 2014

I would like to share a thought I had about the justice of God as I read from the Old Testament book of Obadiah. In Obadiah’s time, Israel was taken captive and led into exile by the Babylonian empire. It is interesting to note that rather than punishing Babylon, the God of Israel pronounces a verdict against the nation of Edom, a prosperous and neighboring country to Israel. God’s concern about Edom was that it’s people did not respond to the injustice that was happening in Israel. We can find an important Christian message in this Old Testament passage: namely that we should stand up for justice wherever injustice is found.

In the New Testament we find a parallel theme in Luke 10: 25- 37, where Jesus talks about loving your neighbor as yourself. In a world where there is so much injustice, the Bible challenges us to stand up for justice. The thought that arose from me as I read this passage was that God is just as concerned about those who remain silent and do nothing about the injustices around as He is about the real perpetrators of the injustice. There are many instances in our lives when we just walk away knowing clearly that our intervention can make a change.

I was challenged by the word of God that we, as a community of believers, should stand up for justice by submitting ourselves to the only just God. I hope that each of us in our daily walk can live justly

and thereby partake in God’s loving kingdom in this world.

FGC - Blog:  May 2013


Who doesn’t want to be great; everyone wants to be great in everything!!!!

God has desires for us to be great and good in all things (3rd  John 2). To realize our potentials and pursue for it without giving up is the key to becoming great. The traits to becoming great are a long way and to reach there we need to explore certain key attributes.   Those attributes are interwoven with practical biblical principles.  To apply principles into your life and see them have a profound and lasting effect on your life is wonderful. These Biblical principles will transform your belief system and in turn, affect your decisions and actions to create an environment of lasting success. 


The Bible explains a lot of traits to becoming great, such as responsibility, passion, relationship, focus, persistence, integrity, humility, wisdom, and discipline. The scripture supports each of these basic traits.  These scriptural traits motivate us to grow with God and reveal His divine purpose for you being here on earth. Our passion and enthusiasm to follow these principles can make anyone great but it is a challenge to take on!  If you look inwardly and move forward, that is the best start to become great.   

Now it is your turn.  Next time you hear how to become great, are you willing to bypass your excuses and ask God for guidance to becoming great? “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant. (Matthew 20:27)”


FGC - Blog:  April 2013


The will of God will not take you where the Grace of God cannot cover you.”  A popular saying which I do agree with, but if I change up the statement, would you agree? “The grace of God will not cover your personal choices if they are not within the will of God.” Israelites would have reached the Promised Canaan in 40 days instead of 40 Years.  They conveniently made their own choices and failed to be within the will of God. 


You can definitely learn from hard choices that may not be within the will of God. The Biblical character, Abraham thought, “I can build a family through her (Hagar)” but Abraham realized it was not the will of God but it was too late “Get rid of slave woman and her son…(Gen. 21:9-10).”  Abraham & Sarah chose to bring Ismael instead of waiting for God’s promise of Isaac.  Abraham paid for his own choice.  

In Acts chapter 5, Ananias & Saphira went after their own decision that got them killed.  This couple obeyed God partially and they lied to God completely.  They hoped that the grace of God would cover them for their bad choice but the situation turned out differently. 


In 1 Corinthians 10:6-11, Apostle Paul gave warning to Corinthian church based on the Israelites’ bad choices.  They tested God instead of trusting Him.  They become idolaters instead of ideal worshippers.  They become fornicators instead of fearing God.  They were murmuring against God instead of remembering God.   They complained against God instead of calling upon God.      

Often times, following the will of God bares pain and consequences. Joseph, Daniel, Apostle Paul, Stephen are few of them.  You are going to have all kinds of obstacles when following God’s will, but God’s grace will cover you throughout your problems.  There is God’s way and your own way.  The choice is Yours!!!!!!!!!  “There is a way seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death(Proverbs 14:12).”        

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