Pastor George Alexander is the founding pastor of Fremont Grace Church.  Pastor George Alexander was raised in a Christian home, received Christ in his High School senior year; turned his life over to the full direction of the Holy Spirit, that it become obvious that there was a call and anointing on his life.  Through his ability to lead others to Christ and teach the truth of God's Word with clarity and conviction, his pastoral leadership is noted as a blessing to those who have had the privilege to receive ministry from him.

George Alexander has been married to his wife Sally, in 1990.  God blessed them with four children, Steven, Aquilas, Priscilla & Persi.  The passion of his family and his own life, living everyday following the plan of God.  His full-time ministry experience includes youth ministry for 3 years at Assemblies God  Church in Punalur,  Kerala, India  and the persecution for the Gospel in Doha-Qatar are added blessings in his life.  Those experiences are few of the many confirmations of his calling into the ministry.   

In August, 1996,  God has called and separated George Alexander into ministry  while he was working as a Chief Accountant in Dubai, UAE.  In obedience to his divine call and guidance of the Holy Spirit, he moved to Southern California, USA in 2002 to study God’s word.  

In 2008, he finished his Master’s in Bible & Theology from the Talbot School of  Theology, Biola University, California, USA.  During his Seminary years he was involved in the ministry of Foursquare Full Gospel Church, Anaheim, CA, USA as a part time staff.         

In December, 2008 George Alexander was led by the Holy Spirit to the city of San Jose, and he accepted the full time position as the first pastor of Hebron Christian Church, San Jose, CA.  God allowed him to minister the people and to serve the Lord faithfully until June 30, 2012.  God used him for the salvation of many and for the growth of Hebron Christian Church.    Our God is a good God who desires to bless those who are obedient and faithful through Jesus Christ.  George Alexander’s deepest desire that everyone who hears his message of the Gospel would choose to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior and Lord.


In July, 2012, God clearly directed Pastor George Alexander to start a church in the city of Fremont, Northern California. The birth and formation of Fremont Grace Church, is as per the vision and according to the direction of the Holy Spirit.  You are welcome and invited to join with him for the fulfillment of his vision.  Through prayer and faith, three families began to grow and a group of 30 people were assembling regularly to worship, pray, study the Bible,  plan and seek God for wisdom and guidance.   God is faithful by bringing in many people and the church is growing by His plan and design.  God has assembled a faithful team of believers who are committed to care of each person that comes.  


Pastor George&Sally 


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Fremont Grace Church
4130 Technology Pl
Fremont, California, 94538

Inside 'New Life Church'

2nd Floor, Room #229



Sacramento Grace Church
1701 Bastona Drive, Elk Grove, California.


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